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we are pleased that you found to this side.
Our intention was to create a standardised data base, which can be easily interfaced by each user. Similar to Wikipedia, the data base is to be kept open, so that everyone has the opportunity to add their knowledge. Relevant standards for the different topics and the associated objects are given.
Now we wish you much success with your search on our side.
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Quick Guide
First steps: The first thing to do is selecting the desired category in menu under "Catal0g", if this has not already done, with using the given URL to our site.

The database operations are very simple:
This software is still in the absolute prototype hare and you participates here in the first test run, therefore we ask us very much helped for indulgence in the case of possibly arising errors and should not somewhat not function as expected, would be, if you would inform us about the error.
Some browsers were tested of course, however this prototype was developed in combination with the Firefox 9, therefore we can up to now guarantee a correct representation still another complete functionality for all other browsers neither.
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